Our History

Founded in 1924 by Harry Siegel, the Company began doing business with a horse drawn carriage out of Faneuil Hall Marketplace. After World War II, Harry was joined by his two sons, Hy and Sid. Together, they bought a building next to Faneuil Hall and the company expanded.

Already known to have the finest egg products in the city, Siegel Egg then diversified with other bakery items. Later, we moved to a bigger building just outside New Market Square in Roxbury.


In 1972 we became affiliated with Taylor Egg of New Hampshire
which is the only USDA approved egg breaking plant in New England. In 2009 marked the Company’s 85th year and is currently managed by the fourth generation of the Siegel family. We are now a modern facility in North Billerica which services restaurants, bakeries, hotels and institutions as well as other distributors. Siegel Egg Company is one of New England’s leading distributors of egg, dairy and bakery ingredients.

Why Choose Us

Siegel Egg utilizes rail system to stay ahead of its competitors.
As oil prices go up and down it is very difficult to know how much one's final cost will be. Most likely a big percentage of the cost will be influenced by how much it will cost to get the product in house, we have an advantage over our competitors because we move a lot of our products by rail thus saving on freight which we pass those savings to our customers allowing them to also be competitive with their products. We carry products from leading manufacturers like North Dakota Mills, Dominos, Caravan Ingredients, Henry & Henry, Bake N Joy, Cabot, Puratos and more..